Company History

Rooted medicine [1994- 1999]

The first Full Solid State High frequency induction heating machine was developed by successfully in China By Mr Zengxiaolin,the founder of Duolin

Chengdu Duolin Electric Factory was founded High frequency induction heating machine,model HFP-15,20 was born

High frequency Induction heating machine model HFP-25 was born

High frequency Induction heating machine model HFP-30 was born

Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment,model SSF-40 was born

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Rooted medicine [2002- 2007]

Chengdu Duolin Electric Co.,Ltd was founded The first High frequency XRF(X-Ray flurescene spectrometer) sample Preparationequipment in China was born in Duoin

Obtaining two national patents for full solid state induction heating and high frequency XRF sample preparation equipment The modernized 10,000 square meters factory was established and started to be used Certified ISO9001:2000 international quality certification 12 regional offices scattered in different provinces of China were established

Obtaining high-tech enterprise recognition Rivet heating furnace was developed

High frequency XRF Sample preparation equipment was awarded a RMB 170,000 Scientific&technological innovation grant PLC controlled quenching machine tool was developed Fourty(40) after-sale service offices was established all over China Induction furnace for melting gold and silver was developed

To work on “Quality Best,Effective Service” strategy to imporve our brand Oversea market department and strategic development department were founded Ningbo Branch was founded in Zhengjiang provicne. Medium frequency induction heating equipment MFP-160 200 for through heating of of forging was develpoed

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Rooted medicine [2008- 2016]

Restructuring of enterprise is employee shareholding system TSP training department was established formally MF induction heating equipment MFP-300,500 was developed High temperature aging laboratory was completed RMB300,000 was donated to public welfare undertaking Duolin Machining factory was establisehd on 28th Oct 2008 RMB100,000 was donated because the Wenchuan 8.0 Earthquake on 16th May 2008

200KW ultrasonic frequency induction hardening machine was developed and manufactured successfully Obtained Chengdu first group energy saving product certificte Participate in Exibition “NMW 2009” in Australia

Medium Frequency Modular Induction Heating Machine was developed; High Frequency Induction Heating Machine HGP30 (100-200 KHz, 30kw) was developed.

update all medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine 0.5-10Khz, 100-1000KW to modular design.

Passed EMC and Low voltage test,Obtained CE medium frequency certificate Partner of Megatherm Elektromaschinenbau GmbH in Germany

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Rooted medicine [2017- ]

ISO 9001:2015 certificate CE for ultra high frequency induction heating machine

BYD Partner for induction pipe bending in Guangzhou Ningbo fasteners exhibition

1000KW IGBT series induction heating machine was born Chain automatic turnkey induction heat treatment production line High frequency HGP-300 research design and manufacture

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