1 More than 20 years of experience in induction heating industry.
2 Free test for choosing the machine model before purchase.
3 Product design research develop and maintain by the Duolin Engineer team,machine lifetime service.
4 Test the machine as customer heating requirements and aging more than 6 hours to guarantee the good quality.
5 Offer installation manual and troubleshooting guide .
6 Use famous brand components Infineon Omron Schneider to ensure quality of material
  • Induction bending machine

    Induction bending machine

    Induction heating for pipe bending

    Bending pipe: Diameter 168mm-1100mm, wall thickness 6-80mm

    Power output: 100-1500KW

    Bending Type: Pipe, Square tube, Rectangle tube, Beam

    Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

    Bending speed: Around 2.5 mm per minute

    Bending angle: 0-180°or set any angle

    Bending Radius:3DR10D

  • induction hardening machine

    induction hardening machine

    DUOLIN offers induction vertical or horizontal hardening machine used for hardening a wide range of mechanical parts, such as shafts, gears, rollers, pipes, pump fitting, bearing, excavator teeth, etc.  DUOLIN provides you customized induction hardening solutions for you particular job, maximize your benefits.

  • Long bar heat treatment machine

    Long bar heat treatment machine

    Application: Continuous hardening and tempering

    Part: long bar, threaded rod

    Size: 6-100mm

    Length: 1000-14000

    Grade: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

    Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel

  • Induction soldering&welding machine

    Induction soldering&welding machine


    Work frequency:0.5-400Khz

    Brazing part: Pipe, saw blade, automotive industry,rotor

    Material: Copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum

  • Induction forging machine

    Induction forging machine

    Induction Forging equipment

    Power output: 100-1500KW

    Frequency: 0.5-10Khz

    Bar Diameter: 25-200mm

    Output: 0.2-4T/h

    Temperature: 800-1250℃

    Material: Carbon steel, Brass, Iron, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum

    Application: Bar, flat plate, bar end heating, flat bar end, pipe ends, etc.

  • Induction Annealing machine

    Induction Annealing machine

    Induction heating for annealing


    Work frequency:0.5-400Khz

    Anneal part: Pot,Pan,pipe,wire&cable, Fasteners…….

    Material: Copper, stainless steel, weld joint,brass,