Induction Heating

What is induction heating?

Induction heating technology the process of repeatable localized and fast heating, with an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents. An induction power supply consists of induction power unit  (induction heater) and inductor (coil) that is a shaped to contour the part, and a work station where the part is held and presented to the coil.

How does induction heating work?

Put the heating part into the water cooled copper coil which not touch the heated workpiece, an electromagnetic force field produces an electrical current in a metal part, metal part heats due to the resistance of the flow of this eddy current.

What is an inductor?

It is a copper loop that when energized and placed in close proximity to the metal parts that causes it to heat. Induction heating coils are made from copper pipe and have water circulating through them to keep them cool.

Benefit of induction heating

• Fast HeatingOnly demand several seconds to heat up the surface of work piece if choose suitable heating solution with perfect output power and working frequency.

• Fast Start-upInduction Furnaces contain large amounts of refractory materials that must be heated during start-up, resulting in large thermal inertia. The internal heating of the induction heating process eliminates this problem and allows much quicker start-up.

Temperature control: Induction heating can be used on induction forging and hardening or brazing,it is easy to stop heating when temperature reached required with the detect of infrared thermometer,ensure the heating quality

• High Production RatesBecause heat treating times are short, induction heating often allows increased production and reduced labor costs.

Repeatable and controllable: Can set program for automatic working mould,save labor and improve the working environment