Team Introduction

Founder General Manager Technical Director

Mr Zengxiaolin

R & D department 

Mr Huchengjian     Director of R&D department

Mr Liyanfeng       Mr Lilunjia  Structural Engineer

Mr Lichangtao      Mechanical Engineer

Mr Heqinghu       Automation Engineer

Mr Chenzegui      Application Engineer

Mr Yibo           Coil design engineer

Mrs Xuxiaoyu      General Assembly Engineer

Production department

Mr Huangqiang      Production Manager

Mr Chenjingwei     PCD board line leader

Mr Xujun          Metalwork Leader

Mr Wangping       Debug leader

Mrs Liuyulong      Purchase Manager

Quality Inspection Department

Mr Zhouyongqian   Quality Engineer

Sale Department

Mr Xulinchuan      Sale Manager

Mrs Xielixia        Foreign Trade Manager

Mr Xiangkang      Sale Manager of Southwest of China

Mr Lijunpeng       Sale Manager of North of China

Mr Xuqiaojun       Sale Manager of South of China