1 More than 20 years of experience in induction heating industry.
2 Free test for choosing the machine model before purchase.
3 Product design research develop and maintain by the Duolin Engineer team,machine lifetime service.
4 Test the machine as customer heating requirements and aging more than 6 hours to guarantee the good quality.
5 Offer installation manual and troubleshooting guide .
6 Use famous brand components Infineon Omron Schneider to ensure quality of material
  • Induction coil&Inductor

    Induction coil&Inductor

    With induction heating system,coil design will responsible for engineer who have more than ten year of experience in coil making.How to choose copper coil size?make suitable inductance coil to match with machine,how to improve the heating production?how to output the max power?engineer will consider all the factors.

    Send us your heating requirements,for hardening forging,brazing or other application,also send us the drawing of heating parts,we will design and produce coil for you.