100-160KW low frequency induction heating generator

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Duolin engineer team research and design separately. Machine can be used for hot forging,induction soldering, hardening and other metal related induction heating.

Easy operate work panel to show the induction equipment work condition.

LED lights to show the PCB board work,easy to find the problem and repair.

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Certification  CE  ISO9001 2105
Brand  Duolin
Warranty  1 Year
Production capacity  10 set one month
HS Code  8514400090

1:100-160 KW Induction Heating Equipment adopts the IGBT inverter circuit in series connection, which has high heating efficiency

2. High power, fast heating speed, high efficiency and easy operation.

3. The comprehensive full load design is available for 24-hour continuous operation.

4: 160KW IGBT Solid state induction converter, the cabinet is well sealed, no failure and IGBT never burst.

5: Application: Hot forging, Shrink fitting, smelting, surface quench, welding, annealing

6:High conversion efficiency more than 97.5%:IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)inversion technology

7:Energy saving up to 15%-30% compared with SCR technology induction machine:LC series resonance circuit and voltage feedback design, low energy comsumption

8:Cooper &stainless steel fasteners and radiator,better cooling and anti-electrolysis


1.Preheating (billet hot forging, shrink fitting)
Billet Hot forging aims to heat the work pieces to certain temperature (different materials require different temperatures) into other shapes through forging press with the help of hot stamp or press machine, it can be full or end or head heating of bar,usually use for fastener bolts and nut and other metal related manufacture industry

2.Shrink fitting:Shrink fitting is a heating process to heat metal material creates an interference fit. The increase in hole size allows the insertion or removal of a mating components after heating and cooling.Thank to fast heating speed of induction,temperature can be controlled exactly,prevents distortion and needed metallurgical changes,the thermal expansion creates a joint,gear to shaft,flanges to hubs and bearing insertion are common for shrink fit.

3. Heat Treatment (surface scanner )
Heat treatment for various hardware or tools, such as plier, wrench, hammer, ax, screwing tools and shear (orchard shear).
Hardening for auto part and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, pump fitting ,valve, axle shaft, small shaft or steel bar and kinds of gear
Quench for machine tools, such as lathe deck or guide rail.
Induction hardening for hardware molds, such as small-size mold, mold accessory and inner hole of mold
Long bar or thread bar induction hardening and tempering, fully automatic production line

4. Brazing
Induction heating of brazing for kinds of hardware cutting tools, such as diamond tool, saw blade, drilling tool, hard alloy steel cutter, milling cutter, reamer, planning tool and solid center bit and rotor induction brazing
The brazing media are different when materials are not same,Silver is the most common,the soldering part are hardware toilet and kitchen products, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold fitting, hardware handle, eggbeater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper as well as copper and copper.
It is also applicable to plain braze welding of other metals.

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