250KW induction heater

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250KW induction heating equipment with low frequency is good for big diameter billet heating and deep surface hardening.

Drive board and IGBT connected directly, shorten signal transfer to reduce failure rate

All fasteners are copper &stainless steel

More water temperature&pressure monitoring,copper radiator for better cooling and anti-electrolysis

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1:Good start up performance:IGBT MF induction power supply apply series resonance technology so it can be starts up 100% under any condition.

2:Less indterface to power grid:Less harmonic current and high power factor,Power factoer remaining 0.95 above during machine running

3:Low energy consumption: in series resonant circuit,voltage at inductor high and current low so energy loss is very low ;Soft switch technology applied then switch loss is very low

4:Water cooled by heat exchanger:Using distilled water as circulating water to avoid sediment and clog of hose

5:Good reliability: IGBT is a self turn-off transistor that ensures incersion with suvvess and takes protection instantly; IGBT used form Infineon world-renowned manufacturer

6:High conversion efficiency more than 97.5%:IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)inversion technology

7:Energy saving up to 15%-30% compared with SCR technology induction machine:LC series resonance circuit and voltage feedback design, low energy comsumption

8:Cooper &stainless steel fasteners and radiator,better cooling and anti-electrolysis

Technical information

MFP 100D2 160D2
Rated output power 100KW 160KW
Power capacity 140KVA 230KVA
Input current 150A 240A
Frequency range 0.5-10Khz 0.5-10Khz
Input power 380V/50HZ 3 phase 4 line
Duty cycle 100%
Input cooling water pressure >/=0.1Mpa
Dimension 840*870*1840mm


For bar total or partial preheating before forging, diameter up to 200mm

Pneumatic pusher chain delivery pick up system and Infrared thermometer system available

Well designed winding process and high quality copper tube brings result of high efficiency and energy saging

Quick change connection enables replacement conveniently

PLC to realize the automatic, save labor and improve the production

Work with CNC hardening machine the hardening depth can reach 4-10 mm

For rator and other big part brazing soldering

Induction pipe heating for bending

Why Choose us

1  More than 20 years of experience in induction heating industry

2  Free test for choosing the machine model before purchase

3  Product design research develop and maintain by the Duolin Engineer team,machine lifetime service

4  Test the machine as customer heating requirements and aging more than 6 hours to guarantee the good quality

5  Offer installation manual and troubleshooting guide

6  Use famous brand components Infineon Omron Schneider to ensure quality of material

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