1 More than 20 years of experience in induction heating industry.
2 Free test for choosing the machine model before purchase.
3 Product design research develop and maintain by the Duolin Engineer team,machine lifetime service.
4 Test the machine as customer heating requirements and aging more than 6 hours to guarantee the good quality.
5 Offer installation manual and troubleshooting guide .
6 Use famous brand components Infineon Omron Schneider to ensure quality of material
  • Induction forging machine

    Induction forging machine

    Induction Forging equipment

    Power output: 100-1500KW

    Frequency: 0.5-10Khz

    Bar Diameter: 25-200mm

    Output: 0.2-4T/h

    Temperature: 800-1250℃

    Material: Carbon steel, Brass, Iron, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum

    Application: Bar, flat plate, bar end heating, flat bar end, pipe ends, etc.