Integrated Induction Power Unit

Short Description:

Good reliability: Perfect protection system, reliable components, soft switch technology

Easy to operate and maintain: Module design and simple circuit construction

Application in Forging,Heat treatment,Pipe bending,Hot extrusion,Braing,Shrink-fittin,Hardening etc

Produced under ISO9001:2015 and CE certificate

Integrated design, less installation space

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Integrated induction heaters is high performance at billet hot forging, matching with step feeder, chain delivery and three channel sorters, make up fully automatic production line which is high availability and heating efficiency.

The induction generator are modular design, easily maintained, LED lights instruct user to find the fault and change the broken parts, All the components are designed for long work time and easily replace. Advanced converter technology enables high efficiency with a constantly high power factor,0.95

Advantage: IGBT series resonance technology, high efficiency
After sale service: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Online Support,Video Technical Support,Field Installation
Duty cycle: 100%,24 Hours No-stop

Technical Information

MFP 100D2 160D2 250D2 350D2 500D2 600D2 750D2 1000D2 1250D2 1500D2
Rated output power 100KW 160KW 250KW 350KW 500KW 600KW 750KW 1000KW 1250KW 1500KW
Power capacity 140KVA 230KVA 340KVA 450KVA 610KVA 750KVA 930KVA 1250KVA 1500KVA 1900KVA
Input current 150A 240A 375A 525A 750A 1000A 1125A 1500A 1875A 2250A
Frequency range 0.5-10Khz 0.5-10Khz 0.5-10Khz 0.5-8Khz 0.5-8Khz 0.5-6Khz 0.5-6Khz 0.5-4Khz 0.5-4Khz 0.5-5Khz
Input power

380V/50HZ 3 phase 4 line

Duty cycle


Input cooling water pressure



Induction preheating for forging application, it is used for billet rod or blank of various diameters and different lengths.

the material can be ferrous and non ferrous such as carbon steel stainless steel alloy steel or aluminum copper brass heating. PLC to realize the automatic, save labor and improve the production. Quick change connection enables replacement conveniently

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