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With induction heating system,coil design will responsible for engineer who have more than ten year of experience in coil making.How to choose copper coil size?make suitable inductance coil to match with machine,how to improve the heating production?how to output the max power?engineer will consider all the factors.

Send us your heating requirements,for hardening forging,brazing or other application,also send us the drawing of heating parts,we will design and produce coil for you.

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Duolin designs and produce custom induction coils. Induction coil is the output work head of the induction heating system, also called inductor. Induction coil use to connect the induction heating machine with the heating workpiece,it is made of cooper tube usually,can be use for induction hot forging,brazing,induction quenching and pipe bending….

Induction coil is a critical component of the induction system. Coil’s inductance should match with heating machine, to achieve best heating efficiency and biggest output power. Copper tube wall thickness and OD are important parameter to make good inductor.


1: Quick change coil connector, reduce the machine down time
2: Coils are protected from high voltage with insulation material or safe covers
3: Water cooled copper tube increase the coil service time
4: Quenching coil with water spray integrated
5: Custom designed coil for billet heating, improve the heating efficiency
Duolin has induction heating coil shop, we can test as your heating requirements, no matter what the heating application is, Duolin team will find suitable coil and induction heater for testing to help customer choose the correct induction heating solution.

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