Induction bending machine

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Induction heating for pipe bending

Bending pipe: Diameter 168mm-1100mm, wall thickness 6-80mm

Power output: 100-1500KW

Bending Type: Pipe, Square tube, Rectangle tube, Beam

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

Bending speed: Around 2.5 mm per minute

Bending angle: 0-180°or set any angle

Bending Radius:3DR10D

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Induction pipe bending process uses induction coil heats a narrow, circumferential section of the pipe to a temperature 850-1100 degrees Celsius (dependant on the material to be formed), the pipe is moved slowly through the induction coil whilst the bending force is applied by a fixed radius arm arrangement.

Induction hot bender is known for its high quality, accuracy bending and cost savings. Induction bends provide bending of large sections - particularly pipe and other hollow sections, widely used for Roadway signage, Construction (structural shapes), Pipeline for oil & gas (on and offshore), Hot water pipes, Pipeline for chemical raw material, Pipeline for electric wires.

Induction Bend is perfect for these industries:

●Highway billboards

●Structure construction

●Oi and gas (onshore and offshore) pipelines

●Chemica and petrochemica pipelines


Bending type: Pipe, Square tube, Rectangle tube, Beam


● Seamless tube: 20GA106BA106C etc.

● Longitudinally welded pipes235B345BX42X52X60X70X80 etc.

Alloy steel335P12P22P9112Cr1MoVGWB36 etc.


1: Keep a constant heating temperature when bending,Ensure the physical characteristics of bends or elbow.

2: The latest technology IGBT inverter technology,series resonance,more energy saving than Diode rectification,and don’t need capacitor cabinet

3: Power factor is not less than 0.95

4: Phase lock technology and automatic frequency tracking make the machine work more efficiently.

5: Precisely heating and bending,better quality bends or elbow,more cost saving

6: Can bent in different ways,square tube,rectangular tube and angle steel can be bent

7: Low installation and operation cost

8: Not require sand filling and internal mandrels

9: Superior quality at ovality and wall thinning

10:PLC control to set and store each pipe bending process parameter

IGBT Induction Bending Machine

      MAX O.D. (mm) x Wall (mm)

Induction Bending Machine 168

168 x 13

Induction Bending Machine 325

325 x25

Induction Bending Machine 426

426 x30

Induction Bending Machine 530

530 x 30

Induction Bending Machine 630

630 x 30

Induction Bending Machine 720

720 x 35

Induction Bending Machine 810

813 x 35

What we need to know before offer pipe hot bender solution?

1: The pipe material length wall thickness and OD

2: Bending radius and angle

3: For elbow or hot bender

4: Bending production

5: The usage of pipe,for gas oil or other industry

6: Require for ovality and wall thinning

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